Thursday, 20 February 2014

Good Times, Bad Times

Good times...

   Exciting times! My work is going to be published in a journal (my first first author paper) has been accepted. Coming to a journal near you (Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology in fact) will be work from my HiTemp days up in Brum entitled 'A low-cost wireless air temperature sensor: Evaluation for use in environmental monitoring applications'.

  Very thankful for the help of my co-authors Lee, Cat, Sue and Xiaoming and the 3 reviewers for their constructive (not too nasty thankfully) comments. Also I really appreciate the support and congratulations from my friends on Facebook, never had so many likes :-)

Bad times... (but not all bad)

   As with many things with the good comes the bad. Nothing too bad thankfully just frustrations. I nearly slipped into old habits ( they do say they die hard) this week after a not very constructive (from my point of view at the time) meeting with the Prof. I left the meeting feeling like knew very little in sufficient detail and that I had read the wrong stuff. Throughout the rest of the day I got frustrated and began to question what I was actually looking at am I really cut out for this? In the past that would probably spiral into anxiety and today I would be lying if I didn't say I was feeling it a little.

   However I funnelled that frustration into some thing positive. It was time to re-evaluate what I was doing and re-visit my short term plan (6 month plan). I concluded that a) I hadn't wasted my time with the reading, b) I didn't need to feel like I knew very little, I know a lot but not as much as the Prof and not in the subjects we discussed, and c) I was perhaps procrastinating a little out of worry about models and have re-focused my reading to more relevant papers for the long term goals of the thesis (details can be studied when required).

   The moral to this story is to use the times of frustration and doubt to re-evaluate where you are at. It often turns out that you are doing a lot better than you thought you were.

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