Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Finding the positives out of an unpleasant surprise

   Into my 4th week and I have just found two papers (same author) in my initial literature search that contains lots of the things I have discussed with The Prof and thought about for my work over the last few weeks. It does not fill you full of confidence to find out things like this as it could threaten your original contribution to science.
   However I am not going to be downbeat for too long! Firstly, I am only a month into this journey and even after that period of time I realise that there are many questions to answer about the modelling problem of representing urban vegetation in weather and climate models, so no end of original contributions to make. Secondly, I can critique their work. Have they missed something? Is there something I can improve? Is it better to model something they did in a different way?

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